Lease Rewards®Program: Prescription Savings

Save on Prescriptions online or at neighborhood pharmacies

You can save 10% to 60% off generic drugs or pay the pharmacy's best price for the day - whichever is lower. You can even save up to 20% on brand name prescriptions! Through the Lease Rewards® Program, you have guaranteed savings at more than 55,000 walk-in pharmacies throughout the country.

Some of the major participating pharmacies include:

Albertson's Walgreens CVS
A & P RiteAid Safeway
Kmart Kroger
Target many smaller, independently-owned locations.

Here's just a sample of how much you can save with the benefits of the Lease Rewards® Program.

Drug Name National Average Lease Rewards®
Program Price
Lyrica 2mg. Cap (Quantity 300) $1073.99 $872.96 19%
Abilify 2mg. (Quantity 30) $684.09 $515.58 25%
Simvastatin 80 mg. Tab (Quantity 90) $154.99 $23.28 85%
Omeprazole 40 mg. $179.99 $57.53 68%
Lipitor 10 mg. (Quantity 100) $484.89 $383.07 21%
Crestor 20 mg. (Quantity 30) $179.99 $151.82 15%

Illustrative savings above based on Coverdell & Co. program use through December 31, 2011. Savings vary by provider location, and by time of purchase.

Here's How To Save:

  1. Use the Provider Search to select a pharmacy,
  2. Present the program card when you visit a participating pharmacy,
  3. Receive your savings on the spot when you pay for your prescription.

In the Mail

You can receive terrific savings off regular prices when you order refillable maintenance prescriptions through the mail. You can have as much as a 90-day supply shipped to your house each time.