Lease Rewards®Program: Hearing Savings

We are pleased to provide a hearing discount plan that makes hearing services affordable. You can save 10 - 20% on hearing care products and services. The plan is provided by the largest network of audiologists in the U.S., Hear USA.

Participating hearing providers are committed to offering the most cost-competitive benefits in the hearing care industry. Their charges, before your discount, are already extremely competitive and affordable.

The Hearing Care Plan offers its members and their families savings on the following services and products. Charges cannot exceed the maximums published in the following schedules.

Hearing Benefits & Price Comparisons

Hearing National Average Lease Rewards® Program Price Benefit Savings
Basic Digital Hearing Aid $900 $765 15%
Mid Level Hearing Aid $1200 $1020 15%
Advanced Digital Hearing Aid $1800 $1530 15%
Premium Digital Hearing Aids $2400 $2040 15%
Audiometry $135 $49 64%
Hearing Aid Exam & Selection $135 $0 100
Acoustic Testing $114 $35 70%

**Plus a custom earmold charge, if required.

Illustrative savings above based on Coverdell & Co. program use through December 31, 2011. Savings vary by provider location, and by time of purchase.